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The Coastside Film Society Board and Advisory Council

The Coastside Film Society exists:

1. To provide a venue for the viewing of independent films, emphasizing works produced by local filmakers;

2. To offer workshops in filmmaking skills of all types and levels;

3. To encourage local film projects by society members.



President Luanne Paul King
Recording SecretaryJean Cartwright Slanger
Information Director Joe Devlin
At-largeWarren Haack
Webmaster Emily Berk

Advisory Council

Tom Borden
Susan Danielson
Judy Brown
Bill Moreing

About us

PresidentLuanne Paul King
Luanne Paul King is a musician, writer, pilot, and independent filmmaker with her own company called Luanne Paul Productions. She is also a mother of three sons, two stepsons and a proud grandmother of eight grandchildren. Before starting a family, Luanne studied music and theatre in Rome, Vienna and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria where she performed as a mezzo-soprano in chamber music concerts and opera. In Austria she also taught at the American Education Center and wrote scripts for the USIA and Salzburg Marionetten Theatre. When she returned to the United States, Luanne joined the Modern Actors and Dancers Repertory Theatre based in New York City. For several years, the company toured the country with original works combining dance and singing.

Luanne and husband Donald King worked as education consultants for the United States Agency of International Development and moved their family to Tanzania, East Africa for several years. Working with children in Africa sparked an interest in photography, filmmaking and the recording of indigenous music. Luanne was one of the founding directors of the Music Conservatory of Tanzania dedicated to preserving traditional African music. She also helped produce a series of musical shows benefiting the children of Tanzania.

After returning to the U.S., Luanne became Director of the Educational Development Center of the Claremont Colleges. EDC developed innovative counseling and learning skills training for underachieving students. Adding filmmaking to the program ignited and enhanced students' interest in learning. HUD funded one of the Center's films: The Gang's All Here.

Luanne Paul Productions films include a docudrama called TINY based on the life of heroine Tiny Broadwick, first free-fall parachutist. Another feature-length film is Wild Blue about the life and times of Harriet Quimby, a pioneering turn-of-the century woman aviator and notable New York journalist. It will soon be filmed digitally. Luanne wrote the screenplay and also recently finished an historical fiction novel about Harriet Quimby's early life as a young pre-earthquake journalist in San Francisco.

As a pilot and aerial cinematographer, Luanne filmed the great earthquake devastation in Guatemala for relief organizations. She also was an aviation consultant to KQED and flew her own plane to film KQED's recreation of Beryl Markham's cross-Atlantic flight, an episode in the documentary World Without Walls: An African Memoir. Markham is known for her book West with the Night.

Other projects of Luanne Paul Productions include publishing Pleiades, an anthology of illustrated historical fiction stories and an Internet music project: entitled Six Notes in Search of A Song.

Recording SecretaryJean Cartwright Slanger
Jean's interest in filmmaking began as a film major at UCLA where she received an M.A. in motion picture production.  In addition she has by turns been an actor, caterer, food writer, wife, mother of two children, chef, cooking teacher and security officer.
She was a member of the Standing Committee on the Arts in Palo Alto and was one of the founding board members of MPAC, the local public access station.
A Francophile of long standing, she has lived in France and continues to visit there on an annual basis so that she has what now amounts to an  historical  collection of footage of that country in a variety of film and video media.
She has written and performed both in San Francisco and locally, a one-woman show, MME. COLETTE SPEAKS OF LOVE and a reading of excerpts from the life of Emma Goldman.
Currently she is working on a collection of short stories and a play based on the life of the French writer, Colette.
* NB A more up-to-date picture will soon be available.

Information DirectorJoe Devlin
Joe Devlin has been engaged as a writer, photographer and filmmaker since his teens.

Filmmaking was one of Joe's first loves. As a teen in rural Pennsylvania, he shot and edited 8mm films for his own amusement. His interest in still photography lead him to numerous free-lance jobs on local papers and a three-year stint as official photographer for the Miss Tall America Pageant. Part of his official kit for this job was the ladder needed to photograph the stately beauties eye-to-eye.

Out of college, Joe landed a job as Associate Editor for Creative Computing Magazine, the world's first magazine devoted to personal computers. While working at Creative, Joe got his first hands-on experience with non-linear digital video editing systems. Over the next ten years, Joe worked as a marketing executive for various computer firms and founded two magazines, as well as the first comparative reviews/benchmarking lab in the PC realm.

Joe has worked as Editor, Contributor, Columnist, Features Writer, and Reviews Director for so many computer magazines that he can no longer keep track of what work he did for which publisher. Those interested in Joe's writing should check out the partial list of Joe's writings.

In the late 1990's Joe left the publishing world to pursue lucrative writing opportunities at various dot.coms. Joe has written countless white papers, user and programming manuals focusing on electronic commerce, banking systems, IP-based telephony, imaging systems and other technological marvels.

Joe never allowed his career to interfere with his filmmaking. As a marketing executive, he wrote and directed numerous radio spots and television commercials promoting the high tech gear he peddled. To keep up to date, he got himself certified on an Avid editing system.

Five years ago Joe signed on as a volunteer producer at MCTV, the Coastside's local cable access channel. Taping local meetings may not always be fascinating work but it sure teaches you how to keep a camera steady and to deal with bad lighting. Joe also spent a frustrating year editing and producing programs at MCTV using their old and primitive linear editing suite. (MCTV has since that time installed a brand new state of the art digital editing studio.) This experience drove him to purchase his own DV camera and non-linear editing suite three years ago. Since that time he has spent more time than he likes to admit happily churning out digital documentaries of all kinds.

At largeWarren Haack

Warren Haack: Film-maker - Sound Designer

Warren Haack, film-maker, received his BA and MA in Film, with honors from SF State University. He spent eight years working as an editor and sound designer for Harcourt Brace Films. In 1982, he returned to SF State, this time to be on staff of the Cinema Department, where he works today. He has taught classes in Audio for film at Film Arts Foundation in S.F. since 1985, and at DeAnza College in Cupertino. At his own studio, he specializes in Sound Design and Post Production Services, he has finished many soundtracks and videos in the last 20 years. As a musician, he has recently been involved in a two-man retrospective to Woody Guthrie. He plays dobro and guitar and has performances scheduled this summer. He resides in El Granada with his daughter who is involved in ceramics, kickboxing and fashion modeling.



"The Legend Of Two Joaquins". Work In Progress. 16mm. (56 Min.). The California Gold Rush of 1849 created the legend of Joaquin Murieta - a figure seen variously as either a folk hero or bandit. The hysteria of the "Joaquin Scare" created a mass exodus from the mines - the result of stories told around a thousand campfires. To the Rangers pursuing him, he was a phantom - for in his many guises, he could appear in a dozen different places at one time. This work, which was filmed on location in the Mother Lode with attention to period detail, is a must for those interested in the history of California.

"A Rough Cut Life: Logging Railroad Stories" 2004. Video 26 Min. This documentary looks into the challenging lives of a group of people who ran steam logging railroads. Humorous antecdotes are intercut with archival film dating back to 1935, providing a view of a long vanished era when life wasn't too refined. Snow plowing, camp life, and wreck and run-aways are shown and described by the hoggers, boiler stokers and flimsy handlers who worked on the railroads.

"Return To The Circle" 1994. Shot in 16mm, finished in Betacam SP Video. 8 Min. Fundraiser for the American Indian Family Healing Center, a substance abuse rehabilitation program in Oakland which includes attention to the spirit, mind and body.
American Indian Film Festival, 1994

"Ama's Traditions" 1991. Video, 10 Min. Documentary. Dorothy Stanley (1924-1990), a Northern Sierra MeWuk leader and renouned traditional basket weaver was known as "Ama" (everybody's Grandmother). During her lifetime, she shared knowledge of the old ways and material culture of the Sierra MeWuk Indians of California as taught to her by her "Ama", Annie Fuller.

"Reno" 1984, Video 4 Min. A Country Western Music Video with a twist of humor.

"El Dia Tarasco" 1982, 16mm. 29 Min. This documentary which focuses on the making of art objects for the celebration of the Day Of The Dead was filmed on location in central Mexico. Art historian, Robert Freimark comments on the evolution of this tradition.
Distributed by Grass Valley Productions

"Mother Lode Shortline". 1982. 20 Min. 16mm. The Sierra Railroad hired Warren Haack to make a promotional film for their excursion and motion picture markets. This film shows operation of 4 different steam locomotives, goes behind the scenes in the roundhouse, and follows several of the train trips. Al Lehr, who worked as a brakeman on the railroad provides an often humorous look at the operations.

"Selective Service System". 1970, 16mm, 13min. Documentary. Hollywood war pictures have disillusioned us in glorifying war and it's heros. There is no way to rationally explain how the "SSS" film came about. The War in Vietnam was not rational, nor was the draft system that fed it. Young men either served in a war in which they did not believe, or faced the bleak alternatives to service. This film documents one such alternative.
First Documentary: Fifth National Student Film Festival, 1970
Premiere at Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, NYC, 1970
First Documentary: Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1970.
Oberhausen Film Festival, 1971.

Personal Portraits On Video

"Rina Pacini: The Garlic Granny". 2001. 15 min. Rina Pacini, born in 1911, reflects on her life growing up on the family farm in Half Moon Bay. Her dogged determination carried her through many challenges. She was interviewed by Eric Shapira at her home in El Granada, where she shows us her huge garden in which she still grows large amounts of food.

"The Dignity Of A Man". 1999. 24 Min. Documentary. Dr. Franz Von Forester reflects on his existential past as he prepares to go into hospice care. (He lived thru the German Concentration Camps, and was interviewed by Eric Shapira at his home near Pescadero).

"How Do You Like Zazen? How Do You Like Brown Rice?" 1998. 5 min. Shunrya Suzuki - Roshi (1905 - 1971), a direct spiritual descendent of the 13th century Zen Master Dogen, came to America in 1958. The recording of a lecture he gave in 1970 provided the basis for this video.

Collaborative Work:

"Los Desaparecidos (The Disappeared Ones)" 2003. Bob Freimark . Editing, Sound Design and Graphic Brochure.
Testimony of the survivors of Argentina's "dirty war", including the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, the children of the survivors, lawyers and Judges.
First Prize Documentary: Atlanta Film Festival
New York Independent Film Festival
Austin Film Festival

"Mama Wahunzi" 2001. Lawan Jirasuradej. Sound Design & Mix. This documentary
rediscovers the fortitude of the human spirit through a compelling tale of three courageous women - all wheelchair riders - who bravely battle the odds of disability by taking control of their means for mobility. It was filmed on location in Kenya and Uganda, and edited in the U.S.
Audience Awards at African American Women in Cinema - NYC, USA and African Studies Association Conference - USA; Festivals: International Women Film Festival - Turin, Italy, Zanzibar International Film Festival - Tanzania, Zimbabwe International Film Festival, Wie wir leben (The Way We Live) - Munich, Germany

"Starlight Tracks" 2000. California Zephyr's latest Music CD. Engineering, mixing
and graphic design.

"Arte Cubano" 1999. 56 Min. Video. Bob Freimark went to Cuba to meet and interview artists working in ceramics, sculpture, printmaking,and painting. Despite a 40 year embargo, he found a rich art tradition with their own forms and concepts. Post production and Sound Design.
First Place: 2001 SF Throwback Film Festival
New York Independent Film Festival, 2001

"A La Medida" 1998. Lisette Barcellos. Sound Design.

"Double Solitaire" 1997. Corey Ohama. Sound Design.

Tom Borden
Tom Borden has been writing, producing, directing, shooting and editing documentary and experimental films since 1996, when he co-founded Wandering Eye Productions with Paul Aldridge. Tom has roamed the world with his digital video camera and Mac editing system, examining subjects from Indonesian volcano jumpers to Christian professional wrestlers to naked saxophone players/NASA jet propulsion physicists.
Judy Brown
Judy Brown has been a videographer for three years. What started out as a hobby shooting underwater video while on scuba diving vacations, turned into a vocation in 2001 when she left the world after 20 years in sales and marketing. Today Judy's primary work is videotaping depositions as a certified court videographer and notary public. Underwater video remains a hobby, and Judy has produced and released a DVD, Ocean Safari, that is also available on VHS. She maintains two websites, and

 Bill Moreing
William Moreing is a former stage actor who trained at ACT in San Francisco and later served as Artist-in-Residence at Stanford University. Eventually he retired from acting and began work as an assistant film editor, while during the evenings he wrote plays and screenplays. His independent feature JOYFUL PARTAKING, which he wrote and directed, has been screened at several film festivals and is still making the rounds of the independent film festival circuit.